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These videos are ready to sell to Offline Business Owners Today!

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Offline Whiteboard Videos Bundle

We know that including videos are the KEY to modern marketing.

Every local business WANTS a video on their site, but they have no idea how to create one.

Especially the cool looking Whiteboard Videos.

You know the kind, where the little hand pops on the screen and starts drawing everything the voice over guy or gal is saying.

Those videos are cool.  They keep the viewers attention, while subliminally brainwashing the viewer to buy the product or service, LOL.

Not really, but you have to admit, they are pretty cool.

And like we stated earlier, these types of “cool” videos are not the easiest to make.

Sure, you could  hire a video marketing agency to create these videos for you.

But expect to pay anywhere from $299-$1000 per video.

But you wont pay that today.

Not even close.

All videos have:

  • HD Resolution
  • MP4 format
  • Professional Script
  • Professional Voice Over

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