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No product? Become an Affiliate here

JVZoo is an affiliate marketing platform that allows sellers to easily list, promote, and sell their products, and affiliate marketers to easily find interesting products at great prices to promote. More Details Next to generating traffic, making money off that traffic is the second biggest hurdle every webmaster has to face and conquer. In this post, we’ll take a look at one money-maker that has something to offer to every site owner – whatever the niche. What is JVZoo? What’s behind the clever name and a nondescript interface? JVZoo is an affiliate platform that allows sellers to easily list, promote, and sell their products, and affiliate marketers to easily find interesting products at great prices to promote. With JVZoo, INSTANT is the word. And that sounds like music to my ears. As an affiliate marketer, I’ve adjusted very quickly and comfortably to see the following in my email box: No more wondering if you are making any sales. No more waiting for a monthly “paycheck”. No more checking gazillion different affiliate platforms to see why you haven’t gotten paid yet.


How to Use JVZoo as an Affiliate First things first: here’s what you need to know before you Sign up as an affliate with JVZoo
1.   Affiliate Cookies This is one of the most important things for you as an affiliate: how far will your referral to a JVZoo vendor go? Generally, when anyone arrives to a product sales page via your affiliate link, their information is collected and stored as a cookie tagging them as YOUR referral. Those cookies can last for as long or as short as the affiliate marketing platform allows it. Take, for instance. They’ll pay you commission for ANY product your referral buys from them; HOWEVER, your cookie will last for 24 hours only. With JVZoo, every time you send a referral to one of their vendors, you are automatically cookied for any other products that vendor might list with them – current or future. For instance, a buyer purchases product A through your affiliate link. Suppose at a later date, they decide to buy product B from the same vendor. Even though you haven’t directly referred the buyer to that specific product, you’ll still get paid commission on that sale. The same with products C,D,E, etc. For life.
2.   Instant Affiliate Payments Many affiliate marketing programs run on a rotation payment system. In practical terms, this means that you will get credit for every other sale. But what happens when you made only one sale? That’s right, you don’t get paid. And when you make three sales? You get credit for only one of them. With JVZoo, you get paid for every sale. That’s right, instantly.
3.   No Additional or Monthly Fees There are absolutely no fees you, an affiliate marketer, need to pay to be a JVZoo affiliate.
4.   Great Tracking of Sales and Stats Whether you care about stats or not, you’ll get plenty of them with JVZoo. First, you’ll get plenty of stats to help you choose the best converting and/or most popular offers. With thousands of affiliate products under one roof, these statistics can definitely come in handy. Once you start making sales, you’ll also be notified of every click, sale, or sniff in your direction:
5.   Niche Galore One of the biggest monetization mistakes I see many bloggers make is promoting unrelated products. No wonder no one is buying! This is actually one of the biggest reasons I decided to do a JVZoo review: to show you that this is a great platform to find targeted products YOUR readers will be interested in. JVZoo’s current marketplace lists products in 21 categories, like: • Business/Finance • Cooking/Food • Employment • Health/Fitness • Home/Family • Sports …just to name a few. Most profitable for me (as my list is built around the Internet Marketing Niche) is Take a look at their marketplace for the whole spread.
6.   Dimesales In case, you are just as clueless as I was: The product sale starts at a certain price point and goes up automatically at different increments after a certain number of sales are made. What it means to you as an affiliate marketer is the fact that it creates insane scarcity. You have to admit that seeing this on your screen definitely makes you think twice before passing such a great deal that will be gone forever after X sales: Ahhh, the power of limited supply! 6.   Second Tier Commissions I couldn’t find any concrete information of whether they are any kind of second tier commissions with JVZoo. However, they do provide you with “Your JVZoo Referral URL” under “Personal information“, which leads me to believe there’s some benefit in referring affiliates to them. And so if you sign up with JVZoo following my links, I might actually get paid. Things to Note There are a few things about JVZoo that might leave some of you out:
• All payments are made via PayPal, which means that if PayPal is not available in your country, JVZoo is not a good fit for you.
• Vendor approval: you have to apply to be an affiliate to each specific vendor and have to be approved by them before you can promote their products.
• Refunds:just because you are paid instantly, it doesn’t mean you are immune to refunds. In case of a refund request, JVZoo will take money out of your PayPal account just as quickly as they put it in.
• Junk offers:as with any other affiliate program, it’s not all gold that glitters. Adding a product to the database is very easy, which means there will be plenty of products that I would never offer to my readers. Be discerning and don’t loose your readership over a few dollars. How to Sign Up That’s the easy part:
• Go to: http://www/
• Click on the Sign Up Link or Here
• Scroll down until you see a pretty green button that says “Sign up now”. How to Use JVZoo as a Seller I am not a seller with JVZoo, but the ones I know aren’t complaining. Some of the best perks of using them as a seller:
• It’s free to create a product with them.
• You don’t need a website to have a product – create your landing page through JVZoo. • Instantly create an affiliate program for your products.
• Create One Time Offers and Dimesales – free.
• Total cost of use – no upfront fees and 5% or $17 flat fee (includes OTO). I know which affiliate platform I’ll be using to promote my first product with… To sign up for JVZoo as a seller, go to: and click on: JVZoo Ad Manager Plugin

This plugin is a great way to promote your JVZoo affiliate products without breaking a sweat. JVZoo Ad Manager provides a feed of your approved affiliate products on your blog.
You have a choice of placing the feed
• in the header
• above the post
• below the post;
• in the footer;
• in the sidebar.
The plugin is embedded with your JVZoo affiliate ID, so if anyone signs up because of the plugin, you’ll get paid when they get paid. It wasn’t very clear that this plugin existed or where to find it, so after some digging around, I found it under “My Account”. You have to scroll down till you see JVZoo Ad Manager has Moved. Click Here. link link. You can also use the shortcode

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to display the JVZoo Affiliate Feed anywhere in wordpress that shortcodes are allowed – like in the middle of a post, when appropriate. Marketing Takeaway Plan of action: Sign up to Become a JVZoo affiliate Here: Welcome to the herd!. And start earning daily commissions Look at the image below (no i am not boasting with massive amounts this is just o show that this is possible) and this was earned in a Single Day and was credited in my PayPal accountaffiliate marketing

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