Micro Niche Sites

Although I will not go as in depth with this post as I did with the general Niche Site definition, most of those concepts apply here except for the technical definition and purpose of the website.  Micro Niche Sites are websites that are extremely specific.  In my last post I used the example of specific products such as kitchen appliances for a Niche Website.  If you were building a Micro Niche Site, you might be focusing on a specific kitchen appliance such as a toaster or microwave.

I have come across many different websites that all have different definitions.  Some of the factors include traffic, pages, and keywords.  I won’t get into any of that now, but I will cover it in a later post.  For now you need to understand that a Micro Niche Site, in my opinion, requires the leastamount of time.  I have built them before and normally they have been less than 10 total pages.  In addition they have normally received around 1000 visitors a month.  Depending on your monetization strategy though, these websites can be extremely powerful.

However, a Micro Niche Site does have certain drawbacks.  First, because it is a small website, you might be impacted by search engines based on your number of indexed pages (pages in Google for example) or when a search engine changes the way it uses search. This is not true in all cases but it is something to think about.  Second, Micro Niche Sites might have trouble gaining a lot of traffic which means you need to focus on the best way to monetize the website.  This is not a horrible thing but it does require you to focus more on the money aspect.

Finally, Micro Niche Sites must be optimized well enough to rank for the few keywords they might have.  In other words, with 5 pages, you might have 20 to 30 different primary and secondary keywords.  Examples include people searching for “microwave oven”, “best microwave ovens”, “small microwave ovens”, and so on.  The first phrase might be a primary keyword while the second two might be secondary keywords.  You need to make sure you can rank in the first page for all of them.  Definitely possible, but it limits your abilities to get traffic.

I personally believe that if you want to live off of a passive income with Niche Websites, then you NEED to build Micro Niche Sites.  Yes, you need to.  Why?  Well, assuming your first website can get you $100.00 per month, you will want to diversify with your next website.  That way, if all of the sudden Microwaves are no longer used, you have other Niche Websites to help you weather the storm.  I am in the process of building 5 different Micro Niche Sites now.

The process of building them is much easier, although the steps in my process remain the same.  You only need to write a limited amount of content and you can just work on the search engine aspects.  In my experience, it would take me 2 to 3 hours to build one single Micro Niche Website.  The search engine portion requires persistence, however it will be worth it if a website can coast for months on end making you $100.00 per month.

In Summary:  Less Pages, Less Upkeep, Less Time Investment, Limited Keywords, Limited Visibility, and Limited Traffic.  It seems to me the positives and negatives are quite balanced.  If you are doing research and find a great topic for a Micro Niche Site, make sure you pursue it!  Don’t let the negatives outweigh the potential possibilities of having an excellent source of income.  Of course, we will cover the ways to do keyword research and how to find niche topics at a later point.  Hopefully you understand the definition of Micro Niche Sites.

Finding a Niche

best tool out there is Google Trends