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Today’s a historic day for Safe Swaps, because we’re finally releasing a new feature which will revolutionize the way in which our network is used. We’d like to introduce to you a whole new feature called funnel swaps. This is a different kind of ad swap, which, instead of using e-mail, takes advantage exclusively of website traffic. This expands the amount of quality traffic which is available by an absolutely tremendous amount. People only have so many people on their lists, and they can only send so many e-mails to those people, but with banner advertisements, you’re able to take advantage of a much, MUCH wider audience, while still offering people quality, targeted traffic. There’re literally TRIILLIONS of banner ad impressions available DAILY throughout on the net, and now, with Safe Swaps, we can begin taking advantage of these ads through a safe, secure network, in a way which was never even possible up until now. List building for free

You’ll still enjoy the same level of safety and security you already know and love from Safe Swaps, so you’ll never end up paying for useless or fraudulent clicks. And for sellers, this is a whole new type of traffic which you can monetize securely, benefitting from any established Safe Swaps reputation which you already have. So, Click Here to join Safe Swaps if you’re not already a member, and if you are, then head over there and start taking advantage of this new feature… we’re very confident you’ll like what you see.


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