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video toolkit v2.0


  • 100 HD Animated Video Backgrounds
  • Dozens of Live Footage Videos
  • 100’s Of Whiteboard SVG Graphics
  • 100 Cartoon Mascot Characters
  • Dozens PPT Templates with 100’s Slides
  • 100 Cutout People Photos
  • 100+ Background Images
  • 100’s Audio Files (Music, Sound FXs, & Voices)
  • And More…

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Since you’re on this page, you must be interested in creating better looking videos. Am I right? And chances are you already bought one of the recent “video makers” like Video Motion Pro, Explaindio, VideoMakerFX or Easy Sketch Pro.

All of those programs are great, and I bought them all myself… BUT, they all share one common problem… They could all use a bigger and better assets library.

The built-in libraries these programs come with are enough to get you started, BUT they’re limited and you quickly start to run out of options.

Plus 1,000’s of people who bought those programs will be using the same graphics as you. So your videos will look like all those other people’s videos.

Ok, so you want new and fresh graphics assets for your videos.
What are you options?

click Here

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