Google Adsense Tips and tricks

Building a website isn’t nearly as hard as many people think. Ten years ago, you may have required in-depth knowledge of FTP, HTML, Java, and other web development topics. Today, even someone who can barely send an email should be able to create a website in under an hour.

Here are the basic steps to building a website with AdSense:

    • Step 1) Buy a domain
    • Step 2) Sign up for a web host
    • Step 3) Build your site’s content, pages, etc.
    • Step 4) Sign up for AdSense and post advertisements on your site using a plugin or coding

There are a number of ways to simplify each step. Many web hosting companies give new users a free domain upon signup, for example, which means you can skip step 1 and go straight for step 2.

Furthermore, Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress have made the content-producing side of things ridiculously simple. WordPress is the most popular CMS out there today, which is why most web hosts offer one-click installation of WordPress on all hosting accounts.

Unless you know web development coding languages, then you should use WordPress or the CMS of your choice to build your website.

WordPress is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) platform. When you create a new page or new blog post, editing the content is extremely easy because everything you see on screen is what is going to be displayed on the page. If you’ve used programs like Microsoft Word before, then you won’t have any problem building an awesome website using WordPress.

Being a successful AdSense publisher doesn’t mean you need to know any coding languages or have in-depth knowledge about web development. Thanks to new online tools, building a website has never been easier than it is today.

Many of the world’s most successful AdSense publishers have never written a line of code in their lives.

How to join AdSense

If you’re building a website strictly for AdSense, then you shouldn’t sign up for AdSense right away. There’s no good reason to sign up for AdSense immediately after creating your site because your site won’t be attracting any traffic at that point in its life.

Instead, build your site and create at least 10 to 15 pages of good content. Write blog posts about your topic and create unique, original, and entertaining articles. Flesh out your menu system, fill out the sidebar, and consider creating a header logo.

Once you’ve made your site look presentable and filled it with valuable information, you can sign up for AdSense. There’s nothing stopping you from signing up for AdSense on day one, but you’re probably not going to see great results until you build out your website.

If you’re ready to sign up for AdSense, then go to to fill out your application. Remember that it’s free to sign up for AdSense and they accept anyone – it’s a simple application which asks for basic contact information.

Once your application is complete and approved, you can start posting advertisements on your site. Google will provide you with HTML code from your AdSense menu after logging in.

You can customize your advertisements to display different color schemes and box styles. You can also choose to display only text ads, only image ads, or a combination of both.

As far as color schemes and box styles go, you want to choose a design that blends into your site. Contrary to what some might believe, you generally don’t want your advertisements to stick out from the rest of your site. We’ll explain more tips and tricks further down the page.

Dont know how to pick a Niche?

Use google trends to see whats trending now

Many early AdSense users don’t understand it at all. They think writing a 400-word post a few times a week is going to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to their site.

Give your visitors a good reason to visit your website. Make them want to come to your site. There are countless ways to do that, but here are some tips:

  • Tell your visitors how to solve a problem
  • Create unique, interesting content about a popular subject
  • Share your content on social media
  • Post something controversial
  • Use linkbaiting tactics to your advantage
  • Create a website about a niche topic where few other websites have gone before
  • Try to go viral on social media, or, at the very least, share all your content on social media to see what people like

Perform keyword research

Keyword research is an important part of any AdSense professional’s lifestyle.

Keyword research lets you spot important trends before they occur. It lets you capitalize on up-and-coming keywords and find niches which nobody else is talking about. It also lets you see if there are opportunities in popular high-volume niches where websites already exist.

You can use a number of online tools to perform keyword research. Google AdWords Keyword Planner is one popular keyword research tool – especially since the information comes from Google itself.

However, there are countless other online services and SEO companies which offer powerful keyword tools of their own.

When performing keyword research, there are four things to look for:

  • Average Cost Per Click (CPC): This indicates the average value of an AdSense advertisement in that niche. The higher the Average CPC, the more money you’ll make per click.
  • Monthly global search volume: Global monthly search volume indicates the approximate number of people searching for a particular keyword in an average month.
  • Monthly local search volume: Google is getting more and more local. Just because a search term is dominated by powerful websites internationally doesn’t necessarily mean those websites will appear in first place on search rankings in your country. Look at local search volume to see if you can corner the niche on a particular keyword in your country. Local search volume is the number of people who search for a keyword each month in your country.
  • Search trends: Some keywords will explode in popularity over a month and then disappear forever. Other keywords might spike at certain times throughout the year – like tax season or sports playoffs. Don’t get fooled by high or low keyword search volume in a single month – look at the past trajectory of that keyword’s search volume to get an idea of where it could go in the future.

Don’t be afraid to pick a micro-niche

There are over 7 billion people on our planet. About 2.5 billion of those people use the internet on a regular basis.

With that in mind, there are very few topics that won’t interest at least someone on the internet. Even the most obscure niches could have an interested and dedicated following.

Don’t be afraid to create a website about an extremely niche topic. Perform keyword research to make sure there are at least some people searching for information about that niche online and then build a website.

Whether it’s vacuum cleaners, an old video game, or the search for extraterrestrial life, there are plenty of good niches out there waiting to be exploited – and there always will be.

Don’t make your advertisements look like advertisements

In this day and age, every internet user has seen an annoying advertisement. Most internet users have seen thousands upon thousands of advertisements over their years of browsing.

The average internet user has become extremely desensitized to the glaring pop-up advertisements that were common when the internet first became popular. Most internet users aren’t going to click on an advertisement if they think it’s an advertisement unless it offers something really good.

With that in mind, the best way to encourage people to click on your advertisements is to make them blend into the rest of your site. Use common box styles and colors across your advertisements and your website.

Why? So when people visit your website to solve a problem, they could see an advertisement that solves a problem. If that advertisement looks like an extension of your website, then visitors are more likely to think it’s a solution personally recommended by your site as opposed to a random advertisement.

Of course, not all sites work better with this policy. You might find that your site has a better Click Thru Rate if it has glaring and obvious advertisements. It depends on your niche and the type of visitors you receive.

Note: Disguising advertisements as actual navigation buttons on your site is a violation of the AdSense Terms of Service. However, making advertisements look like natural extensions of your site by blending box styles and color codes is perfectly fine.

Understand the power of SEO

I could write thousands of words about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its importance to AdSense users, but I’m going to keep things brief here.

SEO lets your website rank at the top of search engines. When people search for keywords in your niche, SEO lets your site be the first thing people see on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Approximately 80% of searchers click on the top 5 Google Search results. If you’re in the top 5 search results for a high-value, high-volume term, then you’re going to make a lot of AdSense money.

As soon as you move away from the top 5 search rankings, you get smaller and smaller portions of traffic.

Of course, for extremely high-volume search keywords, even websites on the fifth, sixth, and seventh pages of Google Search could get enough traffic to make an AdSense campaign worthwhile. As mentioned above, it’s all about keyword research and identifying the potential value in a niche.

SEO is a highly technical profession that requires a strong understanding of Google’s terms of service as well as lots of competitor research. It’s not something anyone can master in a day or a month. But if you focus on learning SEO strategies month after month and year after year, then you’ll eventually see which strategies increase site rankings and which ones get your site punished.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to push your site to the top of Google for high-value, high-volume keywords. Once your site is firmly entrenched in this position, it should be attracting excellent daily traffic and earning lots of AdSense revenue for you.

Best of all, this AdSense revenue is passive income because your sites are attracting traffic without your immediate active involvement. That means you can spend more time focusing on building other AdSense websites.

Why aren’t my websites making lots of money with AdSense?

AdSense isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You can’t build a site in a day, throw some AdSense advertisements on it, then wait a month and go out and buy a Ferrari using your “hard-earned” cash. It’s not going to happen.

In spite of that fact, every day, thousands of people around the world ask themselves why they’re not making a lot of money with Google AdSense.

So why aren’t you making lots of money? Where’s your Google paycheck? What do you need to do differently? Here are some reasons why your site might not be making lots of money with AdSense yet:

You don’t have enough traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any successful AdSense website. No traffic means no clicks means no revenue.

There are plenty of reasons why your website isn’t receiving traffic. Some reasons might be fundamental to your website: you may have chosen a bad keyword or low-volume niche.

Other reasons are fixable: your social media marketing may be flawed, you may have bad content, or you may have chosen a slow web host.

Whatever the reason for your poor traffic may be, you need to fix that problem as soon as possible. The sooner you attract more traffic, the sooner you can start making lots of AdSense money.

You don’t have a good Click Thru Rate

Click Thru Rate (CTR) is the rate at which visitors click on your AdSense advertisements after visiting your website. This is the percentage of visitors who click on advertisements and effectively give you money.

The higher your CTR, the more visitors you convert into advertising dollars. Achieving a high CTR is a blend of science and art. It involves split testing and monitoring the behavior of your visitors.

You have unrealistic hopes and dreams

Google AdSense is like gambling: everybody loves to tell stories about the times they won big and earned lots of money, but nobody likes to talk about the times when they lost it all.

You don’t have to look far online to find empowering rags to riches stories of new internet millionaires. Every online marketing forum has members posting pictures of their extravagant houses, cars, and other awesome things.

Don’t get too caught up in the success stories of other AdSense professionals. Ignore them or use them for motivation, but understand this most important lesson above everything else:

Making money with AdSense is hard work and only a small fraction of users will ever make “a lot” of money with AdSense

Now here’s the good news: like everything in life, half the battle of making money with AdSense is just showing up. Work on your sites every day, research the latest trends, and contribute something valuable to the internet. If you can do that and stick to your goals, it won’t be long before you’re sharing your success story with the internet too.