Your own autoresponder
Aweber Getresponse alternative

Ok Yes you can get your own Aweber

Getresponse alternative

In 3 simple steps

Step one : you need to get your own new domain name: You can get one below
Step two : You will need your own VPS. Namecheap has its own VPS service as well,
Step three: Probably the most important step
Your Own Licensed auto-responder license.

I personally use ArpReach and you can use it too they have Great deals on prices at the moment

And thats it

Now you have your own auto-responder Service use it wisely.

You should consider the following,

These are the requirements that ArpReach needs to operate properly
so thats your own
Aweber Getresponse alternative

4. Tips on avoiding getting banned from Aweber or Getresponse

1. Clean Your Lists

This is very important, especially for people in the solo ads marketplace, since you are sending 1-2 emails per day to your lists you want to make sure that the hard bounces and the spam complaints remain very low.

Over and above that you have to ensure that you get a healthy open rate, otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for a disaster and sooner or later your accounts are going to get banned.

The companies that you use for email marketing have shared resources so if you are the bad apple in the lot, they are going to kick you out without even a second thought.

I have been getting an open rate of 8-12% on my Solo Ads List! Yes, it is making a lot of difference in my marketing. (1) I save a ton of money on the cost of sending the emails (2) GR/Aweber doesn’t bother me because they see that I am engaging my subscribers.

How to Clean Your List:

a) Remove all the people who haven’t opened your emails in the past 2 months.

C’mon now! I mean, I know it feels good to brag about having a 1,000,000 subscriber list but what good is it if only 13,000 people on it have opened your emails in the past 60 days?

Responsiveness is the name of the game now! In email marketing or any form of online marketing. Delete the people who have not opened 60 X 2 = 120 emails(assuming you send 2 emails per day). There is a good chance they won’t open in the future.

Or outsource the whole process you can do that here with Listwise or here Briteverify

2. Don’t Send More Than 2 Emails per day!

As mentioned earlier, these companies use shared resources and most of the users who are not in the MMO niche send an email out every 2-3 days if they are good and once a week if they are lazy.

When you send out 4-5 emails per day you damage the server reputation (online marketing emails with blatant promos) and it is just easier for these companies to close your account rather than trying to help you out.

You’re just a small customer to these giants and so banning your account hardly makes a difference to them, on the contrary it benefits them because they save a ton of resources.

Think about it from their point of view:

Solo Vendor: 100,000 subscribers on a list and sending 4-5 emails per day = 400,000 Emails per day = 2.8 Million Emails per Week!

Others: 100,000 Subscribers on a list, sending 1 email every 3 days = 200,000 Emails per week!

3. Include a Disclaimer Telling People How They Joined Your List:

The online world is super hypey and crazy. People forget when or IF they subscribed to your email list. If that happens, they are more likely to SPAM button because they don’t remember giving you permission to mail them.


When you remind them that they did subscribe on “DATE” for “OFFER” They are more likely to click and also it drastically reduces your spam complaints.

point 1

4. Don’t Use Misleading Subject Lines!

This is the worst when it comes to getting your emails marked as spam! IF you use amisleading subject line like:

“PayPal Transaction Successful” or

Notification of Payment Received!

Credit Card Declined! etc..

Even though these subject lines get CRAZY HIGH open rates, the spam complaints and unsubscribes just go through the roof. So avoid using them if you can.