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Strategy How to make more sales guide

Strategy How to make more sales guide

One: Start by laying out your current sales process in a flowchart. Make each step in your sales process a box and link that box to the next box(es).Every time you draw an arrow from one key step in your sales process to another key step, that arrow represents a key conversion point.Label that conversion point with a letter; you’ll use these in step two when you build your scoreboard.

Two. Create rough scorecard to track each key conversion point. Count how many prospects made into and out of each key conversion point and do a simple division of leads in divided by leads out to calculate the “conversion rate” of that step in your sales process. If possible, go back in time and pull historic data with which to approximate your baseline conversion average at each step in your sales process.

Three. Pick one conversion point to focus on first and brainstorm leveraged improvements you could make to it over the next ninety days. Don’t try to fix the whole process all at once, instead focus on the highest leverage step in your sales process and improve that. Then move on to the next conversion point and so on. Other potential refinements to a conversion point in your sales process could include:Refined sales collateral (e.g., brochure, flyer, sales presentation deck, etc.)Improved sales scripting (including how to preempt, reframe, or overcome common objections) Product samples or photos,Recorded sales presentation to help your sales team model your best practices. Pre-selling tools (e.g. Direct mail letter prior to visit, email sequence prior to sales appointment, prospect questionnaire, etc.) Library of client testimonials and reviews (written and video) Better sales paperwork Automated “follow up” email sequence for all non-purchasers Etc. Again, the key is to focus on one conversion point at a time. Your Turn Map out your sales process. Label each conversion point (i.e. when one step or box leads to the next). Pick one conversion point to start with and brainstorm 2-3 simple enhancements you could make to improve the conversion process at that stage. Track your results and repeat this process every 90 days. This will give you insight on what you need to change and where your lack of conversion happens, in order to improve it, ok i know it will take time but the result is more sales,


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